remember when john’s captchalogue system was the biggest problem in homestuck

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Halloween Postcard c. 1900s

freezepeachinspector sent:

Wow so my partner sent me a link that you reblogged w/o comment but I decided to check out the rest of your blog and basically your coding skills are gr9 (not that I have any evidence but w/e) and your art is super gay and also props on Haruhi icon

This is the greatest compliment I have ever received. 

Thank you. Props on the Karkat icon.

i’m starting to feel less bizarre

thank u to sparrow anon for being kind


70 Most Useful Sites on the Internet

animal death and some other stuff i’m not sure how to tag (i guess panic attacks but not???) below the cut

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finally done with this aaaaah I just really don’t know what to do with it anymore lol
every time I zoomed in it looked like mindfang was flirting with me :l 

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to retaliate against the bullshit cold weather today i drew troll girls in some of my summer clothes :U


HAPPY 4.13!! here’s two of my favorite homestuck characters, ahaha. 



there’s nothing wrong with the bechdel test because something can still be feminist and not pass it. the bechdel test is a series of questions to illustrate a particular point about the lack of women with individual and independent narratives in media.

ok. if you’re in math class and you try to use the pythagorean theorem to solve a calculus problem, you’re not going to get very far. the pythagorean theorem isn’t fundamentally flawed because it doesn’t address every single math issue. your understanding of math is inaccurate and/or incomplete.

the bechdel test isn’t flawed. your understanding of feminist critique is inaccurate and/or incomplete. 


if you don’t respect platonic love as equal to romantic love a million turtles will break into your house tonight and steal all your electronics

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my dad asked why i seem sad and i was stewing over the game design argument today so i replied with “because boys are gross.”

he unironically immediately said “Whoa, hey not ALL of them” and then asked me to apologize to him.