mY OCS CAS AND CAM!!! at their school you don’t just learn magic, u also learn how to be extremely stylish (ha ha)

i practiced using brush and ink for this instead of using my default brush pen and it was actually a lot easier!! i would definitely recommend it if u like trad art *O*


Pierre Herme Ispahan Recipe

downloading from 8tracks.


  • for single song downloads go here.
  • to download whole playlists, use this
  • now weep with happiness etc etc.

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About how far are you in the game/what major thing just happened? :o

I’m trying to save Elizabeth from scientists (???) in Comstock’s house after I got back from the universe with elderly evil Elizabeth,

but I keep getting killed bc my basic strategy is “run headfirst at everything with guns blazing and maybe shooting crows from my hands and hope i kill enough enemies that its worth the money it takes to be brought back”

bc I am really bad at strategy when all I want is to get to the next part of the story. 

oh man I’m so tired bc i stayed up until midnight playing bioshock infinite and i fell asleep in my chair and woke up again and went to bed on this shitty college dorm mattress thats like some plastic in a rectangle shape.

but like

i thought i knew where bioshock infinite was going

but now i am so lost like anything could happen now and id be confused and surprised. 

i still can’t figure out the luteces like there is something weird in that family but also i love them bc morally ambiguous science twins can’t not be amazing and they give so few fucks and i love them both so much. 

but also fuck those rooms that have flickering lights so it looks ~abandoned~. i didn’t sign up to be dizzy and sick when i decided to play this game. 

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what settings do you have your brushes on to do your art? uwu

I actually downloaded the brushes I use most from this post


I don’t know if jigokuen made them or found them or what, but those two brushes are godsends. Also I sometimes use these:


especially the triangles and the weird honeycomb-shaped things. 

And I usually set them to a pretty high opacity, like 80%…??? But also just 100% a lot. 

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lady gaga said recently she ids as straight

Yeah, someone responded to my comment on that post about that.

She “came out” as straight during pride week.

Which means a) she was IDing as queer when the original post happened and when I commented, so the OP was still erasing her identity at the time 

and b) she gets grosser and more obnoxious every single day. 


This page was a collaboration between me and Luke Pearson. I did the collage bits and he drew the lines.


things that say a lot about a person

  • their favourite character
  • the lyrics they write on their hands
  • the colours they wear
  • which murder weapon they prefer
  • how they make their tea




THANK YOU, FINALLY SOMEONE ARTICULATES THIS. Fuck lady gaga, katy perry, pink and all the other whack ass pop people who cop queer aesthetic/culture/dress/sayings/etc. to make money. Born this way smfh

Except Lady Gaga is bi? and while she’s gross, she’s still bi, and erasing that isn’t okay.

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your typical love story; your typical brown medieval princess who has a crush on your typical asian female jouster 



your girlfriend stabbed me in the back with lefty scissors.

she’s my wife now.




Dreaming of… Renndølsetra, Norway.